At West Michigan Piano we believe in promoting musical learning so much we're giving pianos away!

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In the more than 40 years we have been serving the Grand Rapids Community we’ve had the privilege of providing quality pianos to many homes, schools, churches, and other organizations.  As many this past year have been forced to reevaluate their careers, finances, and even life in general; we as a store have been fortunate to pull through thanks to our dedicated staff and indispensably supportive community.

Taking inspiration from the students, teachers, mothers, fathers, children, and professionals that have given life to our instruments and purpose to our work, we are reinstating Our Piano Giveaway Program.

The hope for Our Piano Giveaway Program is to help those individuals or non-profit organizations that truly deserve a piano but can’t afford one.

West Michigan Piano will be GIVING AWAY a USED PIANO, fully refurbished by our expert technicians once a month for the remainder of 2021!

To become eligible email sl@westmichiganpiano.com with the reason why you or your organization should be awarded a FREE piano. Are you planning a music program, organizing a choir or know an aspiring student who you feel really deserves their own piano?  Just let us know WHY you, or someone you know, would truly benefit from a free piano. We’re also including FREE delivery. – within the West Michigan area!

Thank you for all the joy and fulfillment you bring to West Michigan Piano.

Best wishes,

Our Staff