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For over 90 years every Kawai piano is a symbol of their commitment of combing art and science- to bring music to life in your home.

For over 90 years, Kawai has been the architect of the modern piano boldly pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials and ideas to advance the piano art form. Building upon decades of experience and tradition, our celebrated technology delivers extraordinary touch and tone that is respected worldwide for its remarkable stability. This is the Kawai difference that you will hear and feel for years to come.

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MSRP: $36,195

The GX-1 classic grand piano is an instrument that always exceeds expectations. Seeing its 5′ 5″ frame, one might assume that it was not designed for for high-performance situations. But the GX-1 should never be underestimated. It was built, first and foremost, to be a “performance instrument.” Fitted with the same high-end enhancements found in all the GX BLAK Performance Series pianos – including the revolutionary Millennium III Grand Action with Carbon Fiber Composites and exclusive NEOTEX™ key surfaces. Call 616-575-210

  • Length5”5″ (166 cm)
  • Width5’0″ (150 cm)
  • Height3’4″ (102 cm)
  • Weight692 lbs. (314 kg)

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Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on customer ratings

MSRP: $41,795

The primary goal of any grand piano is to faithfully translate the musical intentions of the artist without getting in the way. The GX-2 was created to provide this rarefied level of transparency between the artist and the listener.

In 2017, it received the “Product Excellence Award” from Music Inc. Magazine. This coveted award, bestowed on only thirty products from among the thousands offered by the global music products industry, certified the GX-2’s position as one of the finest grand pianos in the world. Featuring the exclusive Millennium III Action with ABS-Carbon composites, the GX-2 offers the perfect combination of precision and nuance that will inspire the most passionate expressions of musical artistry. Call 616-575-2100

  • Length5’11” (180 cm)
  • Width5’1″ (152 cm)
  • Height3’4″ (102 cm)
  • Weight714 lbs. (324 kg)

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MSRP: $53,495

Some instruments have the right combination of size and features that make them perfect for a particular use. The GX-3 grand piano has become a favorite among music schools for its stellar combination of flexible size and superb performance that is ideal for teaching studios and smaller recital spaces. At 6’2″, it provides generous tone quality and bass resonance for professional teaching applications. And the exclusive Millennium III Action with Carbon Composites provides a level of consistent touch and control over time that is unmatched by any comparable instrument. Call 616-575-2100

  • Length6’2″ (188 cm)
  • Width5’1″ (152 cm)
  • Height3’4″ (102 cm)
  • Weight736 lbs. (334 kg)

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I have had an outstanding experience with WMP. Not only did they sell me a beautiful K.Kawai piano at a great price, but recommended an exceptional piano tuner who now comes to my home 2x a year and does it at a very fair price. They have also helped me when I needed my piano stored during home construction and also loaned me, no questions asked, a cover for my piano when I needed it for the dust during construction (prior to storing it later). They are agreeable about everything and have made things go so smoothly. These are great folks to buy from and a terrific business in West Michigan.

Claudine Duncan